Traditional Thursday: If You Give a Mouse a Cookie


If You Give A Mouse a Cookie was published over 30 years ago, but it continues to be beloved today. The premise is simple but funny: if you give a mouse a cookie, he’s going to ask for a glass of milk, and then he’ll want to give himself a trim… One thing leads to another as the mouse asks for more and more until he finally arrives back where he began—asking for a cookie.


The story follows a fairly simple formula of each request leading to another one. This allows young children to easily follow the story, and combined with the story’s circular nature it encourages children to make predictions about what might happen next. The mouse’s antics and the sometimes silly ways in which one action leads to the next are entertaining and adorable.


Felicia Bond’s simple and colorful illustrations add to the humor of the story, showing the mouse bouncing from activity to activity as the boy grows more and more tired. He carries an ever-increasing pile of cleaning supplies as he follows the mouse around the house, providing a visual emphasis of the mouse’s escalating requests. Younger kids could also have fun finding the mouse on each page, as he is sometimes small and not in the foreground. Laura Numeroff’s rhythmic writing makes this a great read-aloud, and kids could also be encouraged to read part of the story themselves.

-Marianna Sharp




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