Marvelous Mondays: Career Day


Career Day is a picture book written by Anne Rockwell and illustrated by Lizzy Rockwell.  The picture book follows a young elementary school student who brings his father to school for Career Day.  He describes his father as a man who “drives a big bulldozer”  and is currently working on building a new library.  I find the picture book to be “marvelous” because it introduces a variety of different occupations to young children at a young age.  In addition to the conventional jobs you always hear about, the students get a chance to learn about careers that you see every day but are not usually talked about.  The book also depicts people of different genders and backgrounds to be in these professions.  I would recommend this book to young kindergarteners who are just starting to read.

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Charlie, another boy in the class, brings his mother who works as a judge in a courtroom.  Eveline’s mother is a nurse and Jessica’s mother is a veterinarian.  Another girl named Kate brings her father, who plays bass in an orchestra.  She mentions that in addition to practicing and acting as a stay at home father during the day, her performs at night, while Kate’s mother works at the bank.  I liked this part because Kate’s parents have roles that are traditionally swapped.  Normally women are depicted in roles that fit with art and the humanities and men are in STEM fields, but this book showed these parents who were in opposite roles.

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Mrs. Madoff, the teacher in the classroom, brings her husband who is a paleontologist.  This part of the picture book shows kids that teachers have lives outside of the classroom, just like them.  Mr. Siscoe is a teacher at the school and he brought his college professor for Career Day to show the children that even teachers are always learning.

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A young girl named Sarah brings in her grandmother, who is the school’s crossing guard.  Sarah’s grandmother is important because she shows the reader that sometimes children have primary guardians that don’t consist of two parents.

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Michiko’s mother writes and illustrates books, Sam’s father is the garbage man, Evan’s father is a handyman, and Nicholas’ father is a grocery store manager.  It is important that children see how people in unconventional jobs work within the community.

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-Saba Getaneh



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