Marvelous Mondays: A Blooming New Book


51C+4IlLXuL._SX385_BO1,204,203,200_ BLOOM

Despite the pink letters and flowers that grace the cover, Bloom by Doreen Cronin is no delicate fairytale. Illustrated by Caldecott winner David Small, the new picture book tells the story of how an unconventional fairy and an extraordinarily ordinary girl save a kingdom. Banished from the glass kingdom because of her muddy feet and the beetles in her wings, Bloom the fairy takes refuge in the forest. But when the pristine glass castle begins to fall apart, the king and queen seek out the fairy’s magic to save their crumbling kingdom. They send Genevieve, the queen’s quiet, ordinary servant, into the forest to solicit the fairy’s help. Genevieve discovers that magic can be found in something as ordinary as mud, and with this knowledge she rebuilds the kingdom.


Cronin’s playful writing captures the childhood frustration of feeling misunderstood by adults, represented in the relationship between Bloom and the haughty king and queen. The story will indulge young readers’ love for getting dirty and discovering magic in the world around them. This delightful fairytale also reminds adult readers of the value of humility.


Varying typography enhances the reading experience and creates a movement within the form which reflects the liveliness of the story. The typography also serves to enhance the characters’ distinct personalities and mannerisms by emphasizing key descriptive words. Small’s watercolor illustrations are whimsical, dancing softly across the cream-colored pages. Their humorous, expressive quality complement the lively text.

~Let Bloom unfold its magic on your bookshelf~

Kathleen Stevens


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