Trendy Tuesdays: Spork


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The children’s picture book, “Spork” written by Kyo Maclear and illustrated by Isabella Arsenault is a story about being a little bit different. The main character, Spork, is different from everybody else. He is not a fork or a spoon, but a combination of the two! His mom, the spoon and his dad, the fork think spork is perfect the way he is. But, Spork knows that he is different from everyone and he wants to be the same as everybody else.

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Spork is ashamed of his differences and attempts to become like everyone else. He tries to make himself look more spoon-ish, but it didn’t work. Then, he tried to make himself look more fork-ish, but that didn’t work either.

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Spork began to feel very alone. He grew sad and wondered if there was anybody else who felt the same way he did. He wondered if anybody else felt different and felt like they didn’t belong.

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Until one day, something amazing happened. A baby appeared in his kitchen. The baby was so messy that when he tried to eat, neither forks nor spoons worked for him. So, the baby picked up Spork and used him. This is how Spork finally found his purpose and made his way to the dinner table. Spork became happy, as he finally found his way.

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I think that this silly little picture book has a lot more meaning to it than it may seem. The character, Spork, is very representative of anybody who has ever felt “different.” As a child, it can be hard to look different or act differently than everybody else around you. Spork is neither a spoon or a fork, but a little bit of both. He doesn’t look like everybody else, he is a little bit different. In the end, Spork finally finds acceptance and begins to love himself for who is he. I think this could be a really great book to read to any child who is struggling with feeling different. It can help to show that being “different” is normal and okay, and that everybody has a place in the world, no matter what.

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-Mia MacLean Vernic


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