Winner Wednesdays: The Watermelon Seed



The Watermelon Seed, written by Greg Pizzoli, won the Theodor Seuss Geisel Award in 2014.  The book follows the story of a crocodile who LOVES watermelon.  He enjoys it at all times of the day and for any meal.  Then, he makes the mistake of swallowing a watermelon seed.  The rest of the story follows the crocodile’s journey as he fears what happens now that he has eaten a seed.FullSizeRender-3

This book contains simplistic writing that is easily understood.  The text is large and there are only a few words per page, making this a great book for beginning readers to practice with.  The illustrations are simple, but the colors are vibrant and enticing.  The color choice on each page helps create the changing mood, as well.


This is a great book to read to young children who do not have the attention span or understanding for long and complex books.  It is also great for working with younger or developing readers.  It is a fun story that will keep children of different ages captivated and the pictures help further the story and add a fun dimension.

Post by: Jamey Gallegos



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