The Little Gingerbread Man Written and Illustrated by Carol Moore


Post by Carly Berger

This book was a spin off of the original Gingerbread Man story. The main difference was the introduction of a new character, the butterfly. The butterfly plays the hero in this story. In the original Gingerbread Man story, the Gingerbread Man ends up getting eaten by the fox. However, in this new story, just as the Gingerbread Man is about to get eaten by the fox, his new butterfly friend comes to save him.

My favorite part of this story was after the butterfly saves the Gingerbread Man. She ends up taking him to a gingerbread home, where he can live with his new gingerbread parents. This reflects an important idea that everyone deserves to be in a loving home. Also, it demonstrates the benefits of having a true friendship with someone else.

The illustrations in the book were very basic and simple, which I liked. Because this classic story is already being changed, I think it is important that the illustrations stay as simple as possible. I really enjoyed reading this book because it reminded me of a childhood classic, but it was even better because of its heart-warming ending. page8.jpgpage7.jpg


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