Winner Wednesday’s: Sleep Like A Tiger


Sleep Like A Tiger, written by Mary Logue and illustrated by Pamela Zagerenski, was a 2013 Caldecott Honor Book. The story is centered on a young girl who does not want to go to sleep. She talks to her parents and they convince her to get ready for bed but tell her that she can stay up the entire night if that’s what she wants. Throughout the story similes and metaphors are used and the girl talks about how animals look when they sleep. The illustrations reminded me of collages and were beautiful representations of the text. For example in the illustration above, Pamela Zagarenski chose to make the bed covers look like a body of water and actually included an otter floating atop them.

As the story continues the little girl orients herself just like the animals she was talking about by folding her arms like a bat does, curling up like a snail does, etc. She finally falls fast asleep. This story is not the most text heavy picture book but it is one that focuses on something that so many children go through – not wanting to go to sleep. Therefore, I believe this would be a perfect bedtime story for kids and could help them think about what animal they want to embody as they fall asleep. It is difficult to not be pulled in by these unique illustrations and figurative language.

Post by Olivia Pelletiere


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