The Princess and the Pea, By: Hans Christian Anderson


Review by: Carly Berger

This book has always stood out to me. Upon reading it for the first time in elementary school, I immediately knew that I liked it. However, reading it as an older student, I was able to pick up on themes and morals that I was not able to figure out when I was in elementary school. One lesson that I took note on was that people should not just judge others on their appearances. For example, in the book, the princess showed up to the prince’s house in “sad condition” and the “clothes clung to her body”. The Queen was quick to judge the princess when the girl at the door said she was a real princess. In response, the Queen said, “we shall soon see that!” In the end, the prince decided the girl was perfect for him because she was able to feel the pea under all of the mattresses. I also like the idea that this book has been around 1835, which definitely speaks to it being a “traditional” book. I find it interesting that despite how many times a classic book is rewritten, or how many years pass, it still retains the same basic themes and values. edmund_dulac_-_princess_and_pea


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