Baking Day at Grandma’s by Anika Denise; Illustrated by Christopher Denise



I would recommend this book to children who are around toddler/kindergarten age. This book was simple, heart-warming and family-oriented. The title “Baking Day at Grandma’s” really embodies what the story is about. It is a story about children going to their grandmother’s house to bake and spend time with her. My favorite aspect of the book was the repetition in the sentences: “It’s baking day! It’s baking day! It’s baking day at Grandmas!” This saying was used throughout the book, and I think that it will help young readers stay engaged and excited while reading (or listening to) the book. I also really enjoyed the rhyme scheme in the book. This is yet another way to keep children engaged and help them follow the story.


Although this book was chosen for “Traditional Thursdays,” there is something unique about it. On the back cover of the book, there is a recipe for “Grandma Rosie’s Chocolate Cake.” I really liked the idea of taking part of the story and putting into “real life.”I like  the fact that children can read about baking and then have a recipe to make something on their own- it makes the book more realistic and memorable! This is a great book to read to children or for beginner readers to read on their own.

Review by: Carly Berger


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