Flight of the Dodo by Peter Brown


Flight of the Dodo, written and illustrated by Peter Brown, tells the story of a group of flightless birds called Waddlers, who want to fly.  Flying was a dream that none of them thought about seriously until one day, bird poop from a flying goose hits Penguin on the shoulder.  Furious, he rallies up his flightless friends- Kiwi, Ostrich, and Cassowary, to join him on his quest for flight.  The birds work together to create the “Dodo”, a vehicle that looks a lot like a hot air balloon, and they leave the ground for the first time in their lives!  Later in the story, the Waddlers fly into a bit of trouble, but with the help of Flappers (birds that can fly), they are taken back to the safety of the ground.  This book concludes with Flappers teaching the Waddlers all about safe flying, and the Waddlers eventually return to the skies, better equipped with knowledge about flying safely.


Peter Brown brings many wonderful elements into this book.  The subject of the book itself is humorously relatable- birds really do poop everywhere, and if it’s your unlucky day, you might just get some on your head!  And what kid hasn’t had the desire to fly?  The characters are relatable and the humor is perfect for young elementary school kids.  


What I really loved about this book were the simple, yet detailed and interesting illustrations.  Peter Brown illustrates the birds’ characteristics very well so you can tell the species of bird, even though it is in a cartoon style.  The colors are very eye-catching, and the different perspectives presented in each scene are stunning.  You really feel like you are flying with the Waddlers in this book.  


Additionally, for teachers, this book could be a fun way to introduce flightless birds to the children in your classroom.

-Posted by: Cynthia Vu

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