Cleonardo: The Little Inventor


Mary GrandPré’s beautiful new children’s book, Cleonardo: The Little Inventor, is told from Cleonardo’s perspective and hinges on the upcoming Grand Festival of Inventions in her town.  Her father is the local inventor for the town, as was her grandfather, her great-grandfather, and all the great-greats before them. Cleonardo loves his marvelous creations that help the town and always wants to help him but he never uses her ideas. With the local fair approaching, encouraged by her Grandpa León, she strikes out on her own to make an invention for the festival. Cleonardo wants to make her father proud and show him that she can be help by creating the best and most important invention of the Festival.

Young readers get to experience her working through making the best invention and learn about family along the way. The lessons do not end with the children though as there is something within the story to be learned by the parents as well.

The magic of the story is added by GrandPré’s beautiful illustrations.  With so much detail, patterns and colors, they draw the eye and as much time if not more could be spent on her drawings. The fantastical style of her drawing nurture the feel of inventing and creativity that the book contains creating an enjoyable experience for both the little inventor and the parent.


Posted by: Kirsten Nieman


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