Free Fridays: Among a Thousand Fireflies


new-doc-6_1Among a Thousand Fireflies by Helen Frost provides a quick snapshot into the life of a firefly who, despite the thousands of other fireflies around, attempts find a single one whose light best matches her own. Told in vivid, yet simple, language Among a Thousand Fireflies is the perfect bedtime story for the young kid in your life or even the young child in yourself. Reminding all of us about the beauty of nature, Rick Lieder’s stunning photographs evoke a mixture of innocent wonder at the lifeforms around us. In the busy fray of our everyday lives it is all too easy to be swallowed by the tide of texts, emails, errands, work and people around us, demanding our attention. But take a seat for a couple minutes. Prop your feet up. Open this book. And remind yourself how wonderfully exquisite the world around you is. It’s not necessarily stopping to smell the roses, but I can almost promise it’s


Post by: Stephanie Thompson

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