Free Fridays: Buddy’s Bedtime Battery




Written by Vanderbilt University graduate Christina Geist and illustrated by Tim Bowers, Buddy’s Bedtime Battery is a unique new addition to bedtime stories. The story begins as Buddy, the main character, dons his robot pajamas and pretends to be a robot himself. Full of imagination, Buddy prepares for bed by pressing the “gentle button” on his pajamas and gradually powering down the rest of his body.


Buddy’s parents even join in the creative routine, referring to Buddy as “Ro-Buddy” and prompting him to turn off his legs, belly button, arms, nose, and other body parts to get ready for sleep. The engaging text playfully mixes robot-themed jargon with everyday words, such as “cuddle pod” (i.e. bed), and “super-sensitive germ-blaster wipes” (i.e. wet wipes), exposing children to humorous new vocabulary and enhancing the robot motif. Children will also enjoy the repetition of “BEEP!” and “Be still…be still” every time Buddy powers down. This repetitive structure provides a steady, predictable rhythm that will lead both Buddy and readers into bedtime.

As they follow Buddy’s nighttime routine, kids will enjoy Bowers’s colorful illustrations. The images are full of bright, happy colors, reflecting the book’s playful, imaginative mood. At the same time, the soft edges and round shapes keep the illustrations calm and cozy enough for bedtime. Furthermore, the illustrator’s emphasis on body parts presents a great opportunity for younger children to identify arms, legs, hands, and so on as Buddy powers these parts down.


As bedtime finally arrives, Buddy snuggles into bed and closes his eyes. However, as many parents know all too well, the bedtime routine is not quite finished!


Offering a creative new twist on bedtime books and providing a fun, playful story, Buddy’s Bedtime Battery is sure to capture children’s attention and imagination. Perhaps the book will even inspire your child to adopt this powering-down routine before drifting off to sleep in their own “cuddle pods”.

Reviewed by Sarah Beck




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