Free Fridays: The Hole Story of The Doughnut


The Hole Story of the Doughnut by Pat Miller and illustrated by Vincent X. Kirsch is a wonderful story about the history of the doughnut. Hanson Gregory embarks on a journey in 1844 as a cabin boy on a schooner and works up to become a cook assistant. In 1847, Hanson was used to making the same fried cakes every morning but there was one problem. The center of the cakes were completely raw and so heavy due to the oil they were being fried in. Hanson has a brilliant idea to cut out the center to avoid the rawness and keep the crunchy sweet edges. The story continues to tell about the success of the doughnuts on his ship and then with other sailors! new-doc-2_1The illustrations are extremely fun as seen above in the end page illustration. The colors are vibrant throughout the text. There is also repetition of circles throughout the story, which match the idea of doughnuts! As seen below the text was kept in a white circle with a colorful surrounding while the illustrations were kept in a circle with a white surrounding. new-doc-3_1

This book based on a true story is so fun and has a great plot. Pat miller used wonderful and exciting diction, which paired perfectly with the cartoon illustrations done by Vincent X. Kirsch. At the end of the book there is a timeline featured and an author’s notes with fun facts. This would be a great introduction to nonfiction texts with a fun story and a happy accident that leads to a favorite snack.

Post By Olivia Pelletiere


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