Marvelous Mondays: Max at Night


Max at Night is a picture book written by Ed Vere. Vere is an award winning and New York Times bestselling writer and illustrator of picture books. He was born in London, UK and has been nominated for the Kate Greenaway Medal for his book Banana (2008). He wrote Max at Night as part of a series of picture books written about a cat named Max. The book was written in 2015 and published by Sourcebooks Jabberwocky (an imprint of Sourcebooks, Inc).


The cover of the book is intriguing, illustrating a cute cat staring wide-eyed at a bright moon that seems to almost leap off the page. The graphic imaging of the cover gives it a modern feel and sparks interest from readers, in addition to the end pages that portray a calming image of Max hanging from a tree branch underneath a star covered sky. The illustrations in this book contain many neutral, darker colors that convey a very pleasing atheistic, especially if read to a child at bed time.


Vere’s picture book follows Max in his search for the moon so that he can say goodnight. The text is integrated in clever ways on each page, it is consistent with the illustrations rather than distracting.There is a forward-backward sequence of events as Max embarks and returns on his journey, allowing a child to easily follow the book’s plot and make predictions. The repetitive nature prompts interaction from the reader as they progress through the story.


Overall, Max at Night is a great choice for bedtime because it is short in length but still includes many of the elements of a good story (plot, setting, clear POV, unique style, characterization, etc). The illustrations are minimalistic, colorful and create a relaxing tone throughout the story that allows the reader to unwind. Next time you are searching a book shelf for a bedtime story, keep this one in mind!


Goodnight, Max!

Posted by: McKenzie Scott


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