Trendy Tuesdays: This Is My Book (and no one else)


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This Is My Book by Mark Pett is a cute and humorous picture book that introduces both basic and abstract concepts about how a book is created to its readers. As the author/illustrator, the main (human) character demonstrates his task by creating Spike the Panda, who turns out to be quite a sassy companion.


The author wants to share his list of rules for his book with us readers, but Spike seems to have other ideas in mind

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The author becomes increasingly frustrated as Spike adds fun elements to his pages. Spike eventually confronts the flustered man and explains that sometimes its okay to have fun and make new rules and that the ownership of the book is shared.


I really enjoyed this book because it was interactive, introduced a rich vocabulary for young readers, and made me laugh! Mark Pett did a wonderful job making the characters come to life through his illustrations. He also added a small, blank booklet at the end for readers to create their own books following the read, which I thought was very clever. Be sure to add this to your list of books to check out :).

Posted By: Noelle Yoo


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