An Alphabet Adventure


By Charlotte Jeanne

Take your child on a journey through the alphabet and across the country in The Alphabet from the Sky!  The end-papers represent the adventure that the book has to offer – they are high quality aerial photographs of winding roads, rivers, and mountains. The book begins with a note from the authors, Benedikt Groß and Joey Lee, which tells the reader, “let your imagination take you across America on a journey to discover the alphabet like you’ve never seen before.” The chunky, colorful text is exciting and fresh. The authors give an example of how to use their book with the letter “A” and end their note by saying, “Have fun!” 




The authors are extremely successful on giving children unique perspectives and learning opportunities through a game of discovery. Each page is a different, extremely high quality, aerial photograph of a different place in the country. The photographs show different houses, neighborhoods, and cities. Children get a variety of bird’s eye views. Some places include rural Royersford, Pennsylvania and the tropical city of Miami, Florida. A letter from the alphabet is hidden within each photograph, formed from elements of the geography. For example, a “B” can be found in curving roads of a neighborhood.


This book allows children to explore new landscapes and practice letter recognition.  It also encourages learning about different cities and states. Each page includes a small map of the United States with a dot from where the photo was taken, along with the name of the city and its geographical coordinates. While younger readers may focus on finding the letters hidden in the aerial shots, older readers can use the images to learn about new places and geography.

The photos are extremely high resolution and interesting to pore over. There is detail in every square inch. This book is wonderful for an early reader to pick up and read on his or her own. Children will love to search  each page for different houses, mountains, trees, and a letter of the alphabet. Even a young preschooler who does not know the alphabet will enjoy the detailed photos from a unique angle. 

The book is also great for reading aloud. Children in a classroom setting will enjoy searching for the letter. The Alphabet from the Sky truly takes the reader on an exciting, nation-wide scavenger hunt!

The Alphabet from the Sky was published in 2016 by Penguin Random House LLC.

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