Winner Wednesdays: Battle Bunny



Battle Bunny, written by Jon Scieszka and Mac Barnett, illustrated by Matthew Myers, is an exceptionally funny and witty book showing the creativity that children can put forth. At first glance, this book seems to resemble a Little Golden Book. Upon further investigation however, readers can see that there are No. 2 pencil scribbles over the cover, and every succeeding page. A child named Alex was  given the original sappy story, Birthday Bunny, by his “Gran Gran.” Alex decided to improve the boring story about a bunny on his birthday, by making changes with his pencil, transforming the gentle bunny into an evil villain.


The book, now titled Battle Bunny transforms into a creative work. Readers are able to see Alex’s train of thought as he edited the original story. Battle Bunny is wreaking so much havoc, that the President of the United States is forced to call Agent Alex to come in and save the day. Alex makes his edits by scribbling out words and drawing pictures over the animals, and the in the margins of the book.


The contributors of this book did an excellent job making the story seem as though a child scribbled through an already existing book and making it his own. The content of this book is appropriate for children in kindergarten through third or fourth grade. The illustrations are beautifully executed, and the pencil lines look authentic and are consistent throughout the story. The two page spreads seamlessly fit together. I am impressed with how well Scieszka, Barnett, and Myers executed their idea so well. Children will love how personable this story is for them, as it allows kids to use their imagination and think creatively. Overall, I would recommend this book to teachers and parents to have in their personable libraries for a fun and engaging read that children would gladly spend their time studying and pouring over.


By: Kayla Pruitt


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