Traditional Thursdays: How This Book Was Made



How This Book Was Made by Mac Barnett and Adam Rex is a picture book loosely based on a true story about exactly what you would guess from the title–how this book was made. This book did a great job of informing readers how books are made in a very digestible and engaging way.


The illustrations definitely helped keep the story interesting and helped me as a reader visualize the process. Barnett added some fantastical elements to the story, like arm wrestling with a tiger and having a ship get hijacked by pirates, which I think children especially would appreciate while reading the book.


What I believe readers will get out of this book is a better understanding of the process writers and illustrators undergo to get their book published, especially the amount of time, potential obstacles, and multi-step-ness of the ordeal. This would be a great informative text to introduce to middle-upper elementary age children.

By: Noelle Yoo

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