Free Fridays: Du Iz Tak?



Carson Ellis’ new picture book, Du Iz Tak? is a creative story that highlights the insect world over a series of different seasons. The creatures communicate through an invented language. Readers are able to follow the story line through the incredibly imaginative illustrative spreads, and each new detail on every page is an integral part of Ellis’ story telling process.


The story starts off very simply, with the creatures awing over the growth of a small flower. Each spread looks similar to the one above, showcasing the same stretch of ground with the log to the left. This all remains the same, however the wildlife that enters and exits the space allows us to feel the movement of the story.

Duz Iz Tak 3.jpg

Insects gather from far and wide to build around the plant that has become the center of their lives. Ellis’ illustrations are extremely detailed and they work well in combination with the invented dialogue to create a quirky and interesting story that kids would love to pour over. Readers can draw their own meaning from the text of the story, brainstorming the context of every conversation on each page.  This book celebrates creativity in children’s literature, and has the ability to spark curiosity in every person who spends the time reading it.

By: Kayla Pruitt

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