TEK The Modern Cave Boy by Patrick McDonnell


unknown-2Post by Carly Berger

As our society progresses and becomes more advanced in the realm of technology, it is important that children understand the importance of print literature. As great as an IPAD can be in helping children learn, nothing is the same as reading from a the hard copy of a book. This book is about Tek, a modern day cave boy who is engrossed in his technological devices. What he doesn’t realize at first, is that in order to live a more fulfilling and satisfying life, Tek needs embrace life, live in the present moment, and stop spending all of his time using technology.

This book is very humorous, and definitely keeps the reader’s engaged with the storyline and characters. The themes in this book are great lessons for children to learn about- McDonnell touches on the importance of embracing all life has to offer. Spending too much time on devices will stop people from enjoying the little happy things in life.

When all of Tek’s technology disappears from the fire, there is one solid black page that says, “disconnected” in white, and it is very powerful. When Tek woke up, the illustrations help to show how happy he was- it is almost as if he was in a completely new world. There are great, vibrant colors that aren’t too overwhelming and do not take away from the story, they just enhance it.



This is an excellent book to read to students because they will definitely be able to relate to Tek. I enjoyed reading this, and I don’t think the age range should be limited to children. The illustrations were very clever, as was the plot. For that reason, the text and illustrations definitely complemented one another. I also really liked how the author tied some educational components into the story, as there are clever references of events such as the ice age. Overall, this is a funny and clever book that readers of all ages would likely enjoy.

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