Not Just Another Christmas Story



new-doc-13_1 With the holiday season coming up what better way to get in the spirit than some children’s’ literature? Today we are taking a look at “Refuge” a short picture book written by Anne Booth and illustrated Sam Usher. Although based on a classic biblical story, this unique retelling of the Nativity scene has an interesting unforeseen spin. I won’t give it away, but you most certainly have never read a book with this perspective before.

This is a great option to read with young kids to not only celebrate the one of the many different holidays coming up at the end of December, but also the simplistic drawings and muted colors make it a nice book just to visually enjoy, even outside the holiday season. It’s brevity and simplicity make it a refreshing addition to any children’s’ holiday collection. It would even make a great stocking stuffer! Since $1 is donated to refugees with every book sold, it’s a gift that keeps on giving.


Although the story does contain some pretty notable characters such as the baby Jesus, Mary and Joseph, it is not an “only for Christians” book. It would be just as easy to see the book as a story of seeking a home, loving your family, valuing every moment, and of course, seeking refuge. So feel free to snuggle yourself in your most comfortable blanket
and, with hot cocoa in hand, prepare to be awed by this quaint story.



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