Maple & Willow’s Christmas Tree


Maple & Willow’s Christmas Tree by Lori Nichols is an adorable story of two sisters who seek out to find the perfect Christmas tree. All is good and well until Maple realizes she is allergic to the Christmas tree! This leads to a creative ending of a makeshift Christmas tree that both Maple and Willow get to have a part in decorating. This fun story is a must-read for young children during the winter season.

new doc 7_3.jpg

The ink, watercolor, and pastel pencil aspects of the illustrations make this such an endearing story. The use of white space goes along with the snowy, winter feeling of the book. The illustrations show the sisters’ expressions so nicely and help the simple text come to life. new-doc-7_1

Nichols captures the wonderful bond of sisterhood even if they make each other upset sometimes. The simplicity and use of white space make for a minimalist tone, which is different than the holiday chaos some families experience. The illustrations pop off the page compared to the stark white backgrounds and the mixed media of the pictures can mesmerize the reader.


Post by Olivia Pelletiere

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