Traditional Thursday: The Christmas Boot


For today’s traditional Thursday, The Christmas Boot has been selected. This story is written by Lisa Wheeler and illustrated by Jerry Pinkney. It was published in 2016 by Dial Books for Young Readers, although a version of this story was also previously published in 2006 by Mitten Press.


Any child would be drawn to this book after seeing it’s cover. A few furry animals are shown surrounding a lone boot in the snow, with a beautifully drawn landscape in the background including mountains, a full moon, and Santa’s sleigh flying across the night. It is a beautiful image that is effective in catching a reader’s attention. The colors used are calming and aesthetically pleasing, and children love books that include animals.


This story follows an elderly woman, Hannah, as she discovers a magical boot in the forest while gathering wood for a fire. The boot begins to grant her wishes one day after another until she gets a very special visitor at her door one evening! Wheeler’s writing is age-appropriate, approachable, and easy for young readers to follow. Some of the pages can be a bit text-heavy, but Wheeler’s story is an overall delight to read.

The illustrations throughout the book are simplistic but use a variety of colors to capture the reader’s attention. They are well-integrated and allow the reader to follow the story easily. The full-page spreads give readers lots to look at and compliment the text very nicely.


Overall, this is a heartwarming story about wishes that come true and Christmas magic. Any child would enjoy reading about Hannah’s adventures, accompanied by simple and appealing illustrations. It is a perfect book for any child to read during the holiday season.

Post by: McKenzie Scott


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