The Whale


the Whale
by Ethan and Vita Murrow is a beautifully illustrated book that tells the story of two young whale watchers going in search of the legendary Great Spotted Whale.  It has been fifty years since the last sighting and the two teenagers decided independently to prove the existence of their town’s  harbor legend.  Both set out, one armed with sound-recording equipment, the other with a camera only to collide in the open water.  With their boats damaged and storm raging around them they must join forces if they have hopes of finding the whale.

spreadFrom the start of  the book, readers are drawn in by the illustration of the newspaper coverage of the mysterious whale, fifty years prior.  From there, the story is told completely with pictures only to sum up key details at the end through narration in the newspapers again.  The Murrow’s photo-realistic graphite drawings that stretch across pages, bringing to life the sea spray, wires, lenses, wooden planks, waves, ropes, and frayed fabric making the book feel more like it is a real event.  Additionally, these extraordinary illustrations convey the drama and haunting beauty of the ocean, the young whale watcher’s determination and the joy of the hunt to capture evidence of the majesty of the awe-inspiring whale.  Every page brings new details, emotion and drives towards the end with the passion of the teens creating a rich book to enjoy.

multiple-imagesPost by: Kirsten Nieman



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