Winner Wednesday: What Do You Do With An Idea?


What Do You Do With An Idea?

Written by: Kobi Yamada

Illustrated by: Mae Besom

What Do You Do With An Idea? is an Independent Publisher’s Award Winning story that encourages children to continue to use and follow their imagination and never doubt the value of their ideas. Although the book primarily is written as a children’s book and geared towards a child audience, it can inspire people of all ages to persevere with their ideas, recognize that they have value and don’t just throw them by the wayside if others don’t see their value at first.

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The book’s illustrations are key because they help children visualize the abstract concept of what an idea is. At the beginning of the book, the idea is depicted as the only colored element on the page, a golden crowned egg with legs. Everything else surrounding the boy is sketched in with pencil. These black and white, gray-scale drawings are deliberate and meant to illustrate that the boy is uncomfortable with the “idea.” He does not understand why the idea is there, what the purpose of an idea is and why no one believes in the idea. Later, as the boys evolves, he begins to get more comfortable and confident about his “idea.” He transforms into a protector of the idea and with that change, the illustrations on the pages suddenly gain more colors and life to them. The golden egg begins to get larger and larger as the boy jumps in and devotes himself to making the “idea” grow to its highest potential. At the end of the story, the final pages are filled with bright colors to signify that when the boys embraces his “idea,” he truly can change the world.

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This thought-provoking story challenges readers to think more deeply about the importance of acting on their ideas. Yamada does an excellent job explaining the reality that pursing an idea that is outside the box often may be met with obstacles that hinder progress. However, Yamada’s message is strong that with perseverance even through the naysayers and obstacles, an idea is unstoppable.

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Post by: Samantha Soloway



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