Traditional Thursday: No, David!


No, David!

Author & Illustrator: David Shannon

No, David! always has been one of my favorite childhood bedtime stories. The story is written with very few words, which makes it easy for readers to follow along and even memorize the words. This repetitive story can be read aloud using different humorous voices to represent the various characters in the story and to emphasize certain phrases, particularly, the “NO DAVID!”

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I never knew that David Shannon actually wrote this book when he was five years old. Even at that young age, David reflected on his childhood experiences, depicting all of the things that he was not supposed to be doing. He also recognized that a common phrase he always heard from his mother when he broke the rules was a firm “NO DAVID!” I love that Shannon used his childhood experiences as the inspiration for creating the award-winning Caldecott book we read today because it demonstrates to children how everyone, no matter how young they are, can be an author.

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No David! is a funny and easy to relate to story that allows children to put themselves in David’s shoes and think about what are appropriate and inappropriate behaviors. It also indirectly helps children understand why there are certain rules and expectations they must follow.

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Aside from the educational life lessons in the book, the illustrations are incredible, full of color and life. They appear to be drawn to capture a child perfectly scribbling the drawings onto the pages. Readers can envision David’s crazy actions simply through the backgrounds in the illustrations. The illustrations include broken pots, toys tossed all over, airborn stuffed animals and even muddy footprints on the carpeted floor. Despite the chaotic mess David creates, the story ends with David’s mother embracing him. This really helps children grasp that no matter how silly or mischievous they may be and no matter how much they may be scolded for their actions, their family always will love them.

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Post by: Samantha Soloway

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