Marvelous New Picture Books: The Mouse and the Moon


I was first drawn to The Mouse and the Moon by Gabriel Alborozo (published in 2016) because of its unique illustrations. Everything in the full, two-page illustrations is in black and white, except for the yellow mouse. After reading the book, I fell in love with it even more because of its cute and humorous story about finding friendship in the most unexpected of places.fullsizerender

This book is about a mouse who lives alone in the woods, and his only friend was the moon. Every night when the moon came out, the mouse would talk to it, but the moon would never respond. The mouse thought the moon did not respond because it was too far away, so he went on a journey through the woods to find the moon. Much to the mouse’s dismay, the moon never got any closer and the mouse was scared because he was far away from home. At one point, the mouse could not even see the moon anymore, but he heard a quiet voice whisper “hello.” After some peering around, the mouse saw the moon in a small pool of water!fullsizerender-2

Little did the mouse know was that this was only the moon’s reflection and below the water was a fish. Little did the fish know, it was not his friend, the moon, speaking back to him either; above the water was a mouse. The mouse and the fish talked all night. However, as morning approached, the moon started to disappear, so the mouse and the fish both tried to get as close to it as possible before it left. When the moon was completely gone, the friends saw each other for the first time and were happy that they both finally found a friend.fullsizerender-3

Despite the rest of the pages’ black and white images, the final pages when the mouse and fish finally see each other were in color. Not only do the colored pages portray the fact that it was now morning, but they also represent the mouse and fish’s newfound happiness that they found a friend at last.


Posted by Halie Petrich


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