Trendy Tuesday: The Dreamer by Cynthia Rylant


The Dreamer by Cynthia Rylant and illustrated by Barry Moser was published in 1993 by the Blue Sky Press.

The book is about a “young artist” (at the end of the book revealed as God) who spent most of his days daydreaming, as most young artists do.

One day, he decided he would form the ideas that were in his head, and he started making the stars…

new doc 2017-03-07 22.51.44_1]

And this soon spilled over to making the earth, and trees and light..

new doc 2017-03-07 22.51.44_2.jpg

And culminated with him creating living animals…

new doc 2017-03-07 22.55.26_1

…and mankind, fashioned after his own image as artists who created more and more artists that populated the earth.

The tone of Rylant’s book was at once mystical and down-to-earth — her personification of God as an artist served to make him more relatable to the audience, and to compare his artist-like traits with children’s. Rylant’s descriptive and lyrical tone was a good reflection of the book’s content and themes of creativity and imagination. The illustrations in the book are simple yet breathtaking, with Moser making good use of the watercolor medium to create a magical world. There’s a diverse color palette being used, with darker and softer colors for landscapes such as the sky and more vibrant, realistic colors on the pages with animals and people. Overall, I would recommend this book as a good read-aloud to elementary aged students and follow it up with an activity that would help them exercise their creativity, reminding them that everyone is an artist 🙂

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