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I’m Australian Too is a new book by the beloved children’s book author Mem Fox and illustrated by Ronojoy Ghosh. With beautiful illustration of families from diverse cultural and national backgrounds as well as various sceneries in Australia, I’m Australian Too celebrates multiculturalism within Australia, appreciates the country’s inclusiveness and hospitality, and invites immigrants who migrate from all over the world to Australia to envision a hopeful future in the new country.



From fleeing war and oppression, famine, to seeking a better life, people chose to move to Australia for different reasons, but what unites them all is the dream of peace and prosperity in the new land. Mem Fox’s new book sends a heartwarming message about diversity and solidarity in Australia, and also includes the pressing difficulties faced by refugees.


While the book focuses more on the inclusiveness and celebration of the Australian identity despite different national, cultural, ethnic, religious backgrounds, it does present the immigrants’ home countries or previous experience in a one-sided and negative way, such as being poverty-stricken or war-torn. Therefore, I think it is appropriate to use this book to discuss with young children about the inclusivity of the host country, but the book should also serve as an invitation for children (and adults) to share more in-depth stories of their previous experiences and motherlands to get a richer depiction of their lives as immigrants. Moreover, I’m Australian Too will be a fantastic mentor text for early writers and English Learners, by which they can write their own life stories imitating Mem Fox’s concise structure and humorous rhymes! Creative elementary teachers, are you ready to make a wonderful book “I’m American Too!” with young writers in your classroom? 🙂



What journeys we have traveled, from countries near and far! Together now, we live in peace, beneath the Southern Star.

P.S. You can hear Mem Fox reading this lovely book here, or read about how the book came about here.

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