Marvelous New Picture Book Monday: A Perfect Day by Lane Smith




PD doglarge

“It was a perfect day for Dog.”–From Lane Smith’s A Perfect Day




Picture a perfect day in your mind. Would it be basking in the warm sunlight, frolicking in the cool water, lounging among beautiful daffodils, or having a fresh meal? All of these things are wonderfully perfect and real for the small animals–Cat, Dog, Squirrel, and Chikadee–until Bear comes.


PD bear1large

“It WAS a perfect day for Squirrel.”–From Lane Smith’s A Perfect Day


With the humongous bear appearing on the spread, the readers read  “It WAS a perfect day for Squirrel,” and the enlarged and emboldened “was” emphasizes Squirrel’s perfect day now very much comes to an end as Bear barges in and takes away the corncob. And to make the matter worse, the squirrel is not the only hapless small creature as all the other animals watch the larger animal take away their happiness and make it his own…


PD bear2large


In the end, it’s Bear who has the most perfect day (napping on the flower bed, munching on the corncob, cooling himself with the pool water) while others can only watch him from the window.

Through brilliant mixed-media illustrations, Lane Smith accomplished a humorous tale that introduces to young readers the concept of point of view. The rich and textures (such as broad paint brush strokes) makes the animal characters come to life, and the fun play with scale adds to the discussion of perspective-taking and the definition of “perfect”. Sending a similar message as They All Saw A Cat about seeing the world through our own perception, A Perfect Day is a perfectly hilarious picture book about making mischief and what “perfect” means to different people (and animals) that will definitely fascinate young readers.


A Perfect Day coveruse

Cover: A Perfect Day



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