Winners Wednesday: Tuesday


Tuesday is the 1992 Caldecott Award Winner, written and illustrated by David Wiesner.

The book contains very little text, with most of what is there being clock times of a particular Tuesday night. The story follows a particularly active weeknight for a group of frogs. When the sun goes down, the frogs arise from the swamp and begin their journey around town. Their chosen method of travel: flight by lily pad.

As their adventure continues, there are a few simple time updates, but without commentary.

The frogs return to the swamp by the time the sun rises again, only to leave a mystery on the hands of local citizens.

Without much text, it was important for the illustrations to do the talking in this book, and they did just that. I enjoyed this book for a number of reasons. I think the variety of illustration layouts added even more interest, especially when there were frog close-ups inlayed in a double-page spread of the larger group of frogs.

The gutter received some attention as well, allowing it to separate the time stamps from illustrations on some pages, while having enough detail away from the gutter on the illustrations that covered two pages. The version of the book I found was paperback, which lent itself well to the gutter, as a hardcover version would have lost details in it.

The reader can easily see the emotion and excitement of each frog, due to such well-done illustrations. The dark color scheme overall allows for a sense of mystery, and the white background of the time-stamped pages adds a nice break between full-color pages.

My favorite part of the book is the final page. It encourages the reader to walk away using their imagination as the next adventure of nighttime flying animals is introduced. If you look closely enough, you can see the back end and shadow of two pigs taking flight.

Posted by Megan Matthews


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