Trendy Tuesday: We Are Growing!


We Are Growing by Laurie Keller is a new and trendy book on the shelves. There are so many things to appreciate about this book. First of all, it is an extension of the Elephant & Piggie series. If a child likes the Elephant & Piggie books, they are sure to like this book. It is a book-inside-a-book experience. Elephant and Piggie serve as narrators for We Are Growing by pulling the reader in and getting excited about the story before it even begins. But, readers do not need to know about Elephant & Piggie to love this book.


Keller uses BIG words that cover the whole page and serve as a guide to how this could be read aloud. There are lots of sound effects and words in different fonts that capture the reader’s attention and produce a certain voice either white reading silently or while reading out loud.


Another thing to love about this book are the illustrations and the facial expressions on the blades of grass. They add so much of the humor to this story! Tied in with the expressive text, this book makes for a hilarious read to a class of students. I even took the chance to read this out loud and found it easy to put a lot of expression into my reading without sounding too silly or like I was trying too hard.


We Are Growing appeals to a certain age group because of the easy reading level, the large font size, and the concept of growing. Getting older and growing up is something everybody goes through, so this book covers a universal concept and can be appreciated by any child. I can imagine reading this to a group of three year olds anywhere in the world who are growing up and they would be able to compare their experiences with growing to the blades of grass in the story. Another concept in this book is that we do not all grow the same. Just like some plants grow tall…


…or curly…


…just like we grow tall or not so tall, or have curly hair. I know I had very curly hair growing up that I loved, but my friends would not have curly hair, and that would make us different.

There are also some not-so-secret grammar tools in this book. There is a common theme where the text presents and adjective and then makes it a superlative, to show that the blade of grass is not only growing crunchy, but it is the CRUNCHIEST. This repeats a lot, which makes it easy to remember and really drives the concept home.


This book is definitely a book to have in the classroom, especially with younger children. There are so many good things packed into this simple text, it doesn’t make sense NOT to have it at your dispersal.

Post by Jenna Adamczak



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