The Power of a Seed


For a child, and most likely many adults, the idea of a farm is a big open field with a big red barn and rows of plants as far as you can see.  Phyllis Root, aptly named, challenges that picture that we have in our heads and introduces the Anywhere Farm.  All you need for an anywhere farm is soil, a little bit of sunshine, some water, and a simple seed.

new doc 2017-04-26 16.45.35_1.jpg

G. Brian Karas illustrates this work of nonfiction and highlights the variations of anywhere farms, planted in a back lot, a pan, a chair, or on a balcony at the tippy top of a building.  This dynamic duo answers the basic four questions of the farming process – “Where can you plant your anywhere farm? What can you plant on your anywhere farm? Who might come to visit your anywhere farm?  And where does it all start?”  This book encourages children to start their own anywhere farms and shows the power of small steps in a larger movement…. because when all the anywhere farms start to come together…

new doc 2017-04-26 16.54.14_1.jpg

They become an everywhere farm – everywhere!  Anywhere Farm is a wonderful book to encourage children to get outside, plant a seed, and start their own movement.  Beautifully illustrated, I highly recommend it.

Post by Campbell Slatton


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