Dragons Love Tacos 2: The Sequel


Author Adam Rubin and illustrator Daniel Salmieri recently teamed up again to release the sequel to their first book Dragons Love Tacos. The lighthearted tale of Dragons Love Tacos 2 follows a young boy and his trusty sidekick, his dog, on a mission to solve a crisis plaguing his dragon friends: the world has run out of tacos. In an attempt to restore the world’s taco supply, the pair decides to jump in a time machine and return to the taco party (from the first book) where they will gather a handful of tacos to bring back and plant taco trees. The adventure includes hiccups with the time machine and mishaps with spicy salsa, adding layers of humor to this already comical story. Children are sure to love this goofy tale and it’s happy ending where humans and animals (and even a robot and alien) from all time periods and walks of life partake in a great taco celebration.


The book is filled with colorful colored pencil illustrations that follow the storyline but are done in a style that is quirky and somewhat unrealistic. This aesthetic matches the playful and imaginative nature of the text and mirrors images that might come to mind when children imagine such a silly string of events.


At its core, this book is fun. It’s not a particularly challenging read and the plot is enjoyable and creative. In this way, it accomplishes one of the most important functions of children’s literature: entertainment. It is a book that could entice even the most reluctant readers and allows all children to attach feelings of pleasure and excitement to reading.


Anna Schellhorn

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