Big Words For Little Geniuses

Big Words For Little Geniuses

Big Words For Little Geniuses is a children’s picture book, written by Susan and James Patterson, illustrated by Hsingping Pan, and published this year by Little, Brown and Company.  And yes, the James Patterson who cowrote this children’s book is the same famous adult novel author James Patterson that holds the Guiness World Record for the most #1 New York Times best-sellers.  James wrote this book with his wife, Susan Solie Patterson; this is the first book they have written together.

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This informational children’s book takes young readers on a journey through every letter in the alphabet.  Each page is dedicated to defining, explaining, and illustrating a high-level vocabulary word in a fun and relatable way for children.  It is like a dictionary for kids.  Although, it is notable that the definitions the Pattersons give for each new “big word” are not the kinds of definitions one usually finds in a dictionary.  These definitions explain the meanings of these words in ways that a young mind can easily connect to and comprehend.

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The book is also quite humorous with its explanations and illustrations, creating a more engaging and fun learning experience for the reader.  The pronunciation of each word is also included, so the reader can attempt to read aloud each word if they want to.

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The illustrations are very unique; they are very bright and colorful, and many of the shapes are round and smooth.  There is also a kind of hodge-podge sentiment in the illustrations, as some of the different parts appear to have different textures or to be made from different materials.

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The book even includes a list of more “fun to say” words on the last page, for teachers, caregivers, and children to have the opportunity to explore even more big words.

Overall, I think this is a wonderful book that really attempts to encourage young readers to get excited about reading and learning new words.  It is important to expose children to a variety of vocabulary, and this does a fantastic job of introducing upper-level words in a fun and playful setting.

Thanks James Patterson, for bringing your talent over into the world of children’s literature, and for encouraging young children to become young readers!

Casey Quinn


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