Z is for Moose


Z is for Moose is the creative work of author Kelly Bingham and Caldecott-winning illustrator Paul Zelinsky. This unconventional alphabet book brings a unique twist to the classic format with the addition of a fun-loving moose and a serious zebra. The confused moose attempts to insert himself on all the wrong pages while the zebra pushes him along through the alphabet.


The poor moose is in for quite a surprise when he finally reaches the page with “M” only to find that the zebra has filled his spot with a mouse.


Sorely disappointed, he makes his way through the rest of the alphabet, crying all the way. Realizing he has made a mistake, the zebra invites the moose to be a part of his own page, making it read,”Z is for Zebra’s friend, Moose.”


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Paul Zelinsky has done it again with colorful and engaging illustrations that make this book memorable and original. Perhaps the best part of this book, however, is its ability to appeal to a wide variety of ages. Because it is an alphabet book, it inherently appeals to toddlers learning their letters, but it also has the power to entertain older children with its humor and surprises. I would recommend this book as a fun family read, where siblings of different ages can all enjoy.

Anna Schellhorn

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