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Flashlight Night


Flashlight Night was published in 2017. It was written by Matt Forrest Esenwine and illustrated by Fred Koehler. The book is about young children who have adventures at night with the use of a flashlight. Although they are playing outside in a treehouse, they pretend to be in more exotic places, and in the dark their imaginations can run wild.


The illustrations are what attracted me to this story. Part of each page is dark where the boy is holding the flashlight, and the rest of the page is illuminated by the beam and shows the fantastical adventure the children are having.


They explore a jungle, a pirate ship, an ancient Egyptian tomb, and other magical places filled with new things to explore. Every inch of the page is covered with detailed artwork. Each page is mostly dark and neutral colors, and the illustrations and text work well with the dark and mysterious tone. The story beautifully blurs the line between fantasy and reality, and highlights a child’s vivid imagination.


The writing of the story is in the form of a poem, and rhyming couplets are used. The repetitive rhythm adds to the mythical theme of the story, and immerses the reader in the adventure. Because the story is written as a poem, many of the details that are found in the pictures are not mentioned in the writing itself. The illustrations are essential to the understanding of the story. The writing style, pictures, and tone work together to make the story fun to read and explore.

Teresa Heckman