Trendy Tuesday: Little Red Riding Hood


For my trendy Tuesday blog post, I wanted to find a newer version of a classic tale. Little Red Riding Hood is a retelling of the classic fairy tale by Bernette Ford and illustrated by Tom Knight.

new doc 2018-02-18 15.37.25_1The author holds close to the familiar plot of the fairy tale including how red riding hood grandmother made her a red cape with a hood that she never took off, her mother packing her a basket of goodies, red riding hood ignoring her mom’s warnings and talking to the wolf, the wolf swallowing the grandmother and then dressing up as her, and the woodsman red riding hood. The language in the book is simple and print size and space between words is appealing to beginning readers. I also enjoyed that the author kept the traditional exchange between the wolf and red riding hood where red says “why, grandma, what big eyes you have” and the wolf says, “the better to see you with, my dear”.

A difference in this version of the fairy tale is that the wolf stomach has a zipper that the woodsman unzips and finds red riding hood’s grandmother safely inside. This twist on the classic story might comfort parents who are concerned with the violent nature of the story.

new doc 2018-02-18 15.41.54_1

The illustrations in the story are watercolor and are bright and colorful with black outlines around the edges of the figures and then the images were finished digitally. The illustrations are cartoon like which lightens up the scary nature of the story and makes it more suitable for younger children. I also liked how the images were on a white background because it really made them pop out. The book has some double page spreads but also vignettes that have illustrations for each text grouping.

new doc 2018-02-18 15.39.54_1

new doc 2018-02-18 15.38.59_1

I also really enjoyed the images on the end pages. The page at the front of the book is a double page spread that shows all different characters, children and animals, reading books in a house during the day. The last page is also a double page spread that shows the same house but at night and the only animal reading now is an owl. Overall, this version of Little Red Riding Hood is a great twist on fairy tale that keeps the most classic parts of the story but uses illustrations and surprise ending to make the story more suitable for younger readers.

-Reagan Jernigan


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