Marvelous New Picture Book Monday: Hooray for Birds


This Monday I have chosen Hooray for Books written and illustrated by Lucy Cousins.

new doc 2018-03-18 14.22.34_1 (1)

This bright and colorful book invites the reader to imagine themselves as a bird for a day. The author then takes the reader on an adventure through the book as each page gives a bird’s eye view into the life of many kinds of birds.

new doc 2018-03-18 14.22.34_3 (1)

The story includes roosters, woodpeckers, swans, parrots, starlings, flamingos, chickens, penguins, ostriches, peacocks, and many more. With each bird is a different characteristic that the writing encourages the reader to imitate.

new doc 2018-03-18 14.22.34_4 (1)new doc 2018-03-18 14.22.34_5 (1)

The text is simple and perfectly ties into every page and illustration. It even emulates the characteristics of some birds.

new doc 2018-03-18 14.22.34_6 (1)new doc 2018-03-18 14.22.34_7 (1)

The adventure through a day as a bird ends with the birds going to sleep for the night. The last thing the book encourages the reader to do is “cuddle up close with mama in your nest.”

As all the birds go to sleep, the owl wakes up, which brings me to my favorite part (or parts) of the book: the end pages. The first end page shows each and every bird pictured in the book, wide awake. The only outlier is the owl who is asleep. On the last end page, every bird is curled up, asleep, and smiling… all except the owl.

new doc 2018-03-18 14.22.34_2 (1)new doc 2018-03-18 14.22.34_8 (1)

This book is an exciting and engaging book for children to read or be read to. It encourages imagination and exposes them to a book about animals who are actually animals. Many books that include animals are written as if the animals are humans, and I appreciate that this book uses the natural characteristics of the birds to tell the story.

~Mollie McMullan


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