Free Friday: Forever or a Day


I happened to come across this new book, Forever or a Day by Sarah Jacoby, on a display table at Barnes and Noble. The colorful illustration on the cover and the contemplative title caught my attention and I was happy to find the inside of the book to be filled with beautiful illustrations and beautifully written words as well.


Jacoby’s words are quite poetic and make you contemplate the nature of time. Can you see it? Can you touch it? Is it far away? The illustrations follow a family throughout a day as they take a trip from the city to the country to visit grandparents and return home at night, but the text does not mention the family at all it just contemplates time. Jacoby’s illustrations are detailed and I love the little hidden connections such as the Times newspaper truck at the beginning of the story.


Jacoby’s use of color in the illustrations is captivating. Although the main family is light-skinned, a diverse set of people are depicted as the family travels.



The book makes you contemplate the meaning of time and what time is and leaves you with the message that spending time with the people you care about is most important. I could see this book prompting a great discussion with children about abstract concepts, in this case time, and think it would make a great addition to a classroom library. I would highly recommend you take a look at this beautiful book.

-Kate Fehrenbach


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