Trendy Tuesday: Dragons Love Tacos 2: The Sequel




Attention lovers of Dragons Love Tacos, I have great news. Dynamic author/illustrator duo Adam Rubin and Daniel Salmieri have done it again with Dragons Love Tacos 2: The Sequel. For those of you who have somehow made it to this point without reading the original Dragons Love Tacos, allow me to catch you up. Dragons Love Tacos is about a group of dragons who, yes, love tacos. But, they hate spicy salsa. Disaster strikes when they have a taco party and the dragons accidentally consume salsa with little green peppers in it. I have got two words for you: Fire. Everywhere.


In this much-anticipated sequel, the dragons and their human companion go on a mission back in time after the world runs out of tacos. Familiar events unfold, including a repeat of the infamous party in which the dragons consumed the spicy salsa with their tacos. Salmieri reintroduces familiar scenes of fire erupting from the dragons. After a few more miscalculations with the time machine, including a trip to a time where dragons love diapers and when tacos love dragons, the dragons finally return to the point in history during which dragons love tacos.


The dragons feverishly grab all of the tacos in sight to bring them back to the present day. Of course, every taco is consumed on the journey back with the exception of one. This taco is used to plant a taco tree, and everyone celebrates the return of tacos.


If you loved Dragons Love Tacos, you are going to adore the sequel. Rubin has brilliantly outdone himself. His writing style is hysterical for all ages. The tone is casual. He captures the thought processes and feelings of the characters on their mission. Rubin imbues an incredible amount of personality in his prose. At times, he shouts in all capital letters. He conveys the devastation of the lack of tacos my repeatedly placing emphasis on the fact that there are no tacos. “None. Nada. Nil.” Not only is his language fun, but it is rich!

Dragons Love Tacos 2: The Sequel is made especially phenomenal by Salmieri’s illustrations. The imaginative colored-pencil drawings perfectly match the fun, casual tone of the writing. Salmieri reintroduces scenes from the previous book, ensuring that readers make the connection to their old favorite story. His illustrations offer support of the rich text in a variety of ways: At times, he uses the full, double-page spreads to communicate size or large-scale events. At other times, he brilliantly captures the expressions of the highly animated characters.



The illustrations themselves are hilarious. Upon closer inspection of almost any one of them, you are bound to notice a fun, subtle element. The details really make this book spectacular. Just look at the end pages. I want them made into wallpaper! Even the inside flap gives a fun preview of what’s to come.

Readers, regardless of if you have had the great fortune of reading Dragons Love Tacos or not, Dragons Love Tacos 2: The Sequel is a must-read. I mean, who doesn’t love dragons, and who doesn’t love tacos? But them together, and we have a true masterpiece. This book is fun, endlessly engaging, and does incredible justice for the Dragons Love Tacos series. I look forward to a third story in this saga.

Casey Crosson

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