Marvelous New Picture Book Monday: When Sadness Is At Your Door


Cover of book

In this new picture book by Dutch author, Eva Eland, the topic of conversation is around sadness and the emotion that everyone feels, but one that children often don’t understand or know how to control. The author sets up this idea of sadness as a physical object in this book, as something that can just come out of nowhere and follow you around. The author does a really good job of normalizing sadness so that children reading this book will realize that they are not alone in their emotions or this thing, sadness, that might haunt over them at times.

The author then incorporates coping strategies for how to deal with your sadness, giving young children ideas and solutions to how they are feeling and letting them know that they don’t just have to sit with the sad feeling.

image 3

This children’s book is not only relatable but informative for children. When children read this book they see that they are not alone and that others experience similar feelings. Children also though can learn from this book, about ways to help themselves or help their friends who might be feeling sad. This book would be a great tool for school counselors teaching a lesson on emotions, or helping a student who is having trouble controlling or handling their emotions.

The illustrator’s depiction of sadness shows how the feeling can loom over you, and sometimes never leave you.

image 2

This is an important and powerful book to have in any classroom library and a good resource for all teachers or counselors!


-Sarah Ockenhouse


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