Trendy Tuesday: “The Book of Mistakes” by Corinna Luyken


For this trendy Tuesday, I have chosen to review The Book of Mistakes. While it was published two years ago in 2017, this book is still very trendy and other books have adopted similar themes. This book qualifies as trendy because many of the books we have read over the course of the semester contain similar but unique themes of identity formation, especially the more recently published titles. The Book of Mistakes describes the progression of a drawing that has encountered multiple mistakes. The mistakes are continuously turned into successes and creative new ways to alter the drawing.


Furthermore, there are various pages throughout the book that are wordless. At the beginning of the book, the text is simple. It is used to describe the drawing, including which aspects were mistakes and which were intentional. However, when the illustrations become more complex, the pages become wordless, so that the reader may focus on the developments in the illustrations.

As the book progresses, the illustrations get more and more complex. They are mostly black and white and employ little use of color throughout. Towards the end, the illustrations use a lot of yellow as they begin to get more complex ad extravagant. On some of the spreads, there is so much detail on the pages, readers could spend hours looking at the pages.

Overall, I think this book is excellent. While the illustrations are beautiful and the words simple, it also has a bigger message: that mistakes help to make people who they are.



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