Free Friday- The Most Magnificent Thing


I absolutely loved this book written and illustrated by Ashley Spires. I always enjoy books that have a dog as the child’s best friend because it reminds me of my childhood. That is what initially made me want to read this book, but there were so many other things that I loved about it. I think the title is so perfect for this book. It is vague, simple, and innocent. It shows the imagination and inventiveness of a child. It shows how excited children can get about seemingly simple ideas.

This story follows a little girl in her journey in creating the most magnificent thing. Spoiler alert: It is a scooter for her dog. She struggles in making it and eventually gets very frustrated and wants to quit. This leads a walk with her dog where she is able to calm down and clear her head. She then comes to the realization that “there are parts of the wrong things that are really quite right.” After this, she is able to make the most magnificent thing!

I loved the way the illustrations were done as well. Only the important objects, people, or animals were in color and 3D. The background is not important in the little girls design of the most magnificent thing, so it is just black and white with very little detail. It really enhances the other characters.

Something else that I loved about this book was the subtle humor that Ashley Spires put in to it. Pictured above is a page that says “They set up somewhere out of the way and get to work.” They are clearly in the way of everything, but a child wouldn’t realize that. It is so funny. She is poking fun at the way children think, while also illuminating how inventive and creative they are. The sky is the limit!

Both the little girl and her little dog are so animated and expressive. The way she appears is exactly how you would think a frustrated child would look.

-Caroline Saltmarsh

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