Animal Tongues


Animal Tongues by Dawn Cusick

is a fun way to learn about different animals! From this book you can find out how crocodiles can live in salt water or the types of foods all kinds of animals like to munch on. But, of course, this book mostly talks about TONGUES! Who has the looooongest? Who has a one that is attached to the bottom of the mouth? And who has one with permanent sunburn? This book is great because it introduces facts that anybody can pull out during

, or just to sound really smart in a conversation. Everybody who reads the book will learn something new and have a good chuckle while reading about all the silly, but strategic, ways an animal uses their tongue. Teachers can use it to supplement any science lesson involving animals including ways animals protect themselves, survive in different conditions, and find things to eat. With the “test it out” activities scattered throughout the book, parents can easily bring science into their households. This book made me say huh, and ooooooh, and aaaaaaaaaaaah, and hahahaha on every single page!

Enjoy your day, read a book! ~Ali

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